I'm broken.

June 4, 2018


The power of thought.  "I'm broken" is something I hear way too often with my clients.  Typically, they are referring to their sexual organs.  Continually thinking and speaking out loud that you are broken (or any other negative thought), only gives it more power.  The more you thing negatively about your body, your sexual organs, your sex life, the more you train your brain to return to those thought patterns.  This means that day in and day out, you are telling yourself you are broken and your body starts to believe it. 


This is why your thoughts are so powerful.  Let's retrain the brain with POSITIVE affirmations.  These are positive statements that help you to overcome this self-sabotage and negative thoughts.  Repeat them and BELIEVE in them, and you will start to see positive changes.  Positive affirmations help to reprogram your thought patterns and change the way you think and feel about yourself and other situations.  


Say both of these out loud and notice the difference in how you feel. 


I'm broken - feels yucky

My sexual organs are full of life! - feels better.  The more you say this, or something like it, the better it will feel.  It will send tingles down your whole body. 


Believe in your positive thoughts.  Wake up in the morning and sing them in the shower, create post it notes and place them in areas you need some reassuring. 


Positive affirmations have gotten me through some dark times in my life, so I am not telling you this because they taught it to me during my Masters Program.  They actually didn't.  We learned all about the brain, but they didn't preach positive affirmations. I am telling you this because I have used them to change my life, and still do. Just today, I woke up with a heavy weight on my chest and I took a deep deep breath and recited positive affirmations over and over again until I started feeling a sense of relief and lightness in my chest. 


Try it out :-)






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