8 Types of Intimacy

July 30, 2017


Sex is not the only form of intimacy. In fact, there are 8 types of intimacy.  Most often, when someone is talking about being intimate, they are referring to sex. It is important not to ignore the other types of intimacy, which can actually accentuate sexual intimacy. 





8 Different Types of Intimacy


Physical Intimacy - 

Physical Intimacy is not the same as sexual intimacy.  It is doing physical things together like working out, biking, hiking, rock climbing, etc. 


Affectional Intimacy - 

Affectional Intimacy is when you share kisses, cuddles, and holding hands.


Aesthetic Intimacy - 

Aesthetic Intimacy is when you can share something beautiful together.  You can appreciate the beauty in watching the sunrise or sunset, listening to music, walking through a garden, or gazing at the stars.


Recreational Intimacy - 

Recreational Intimacy is when you do social activities together.  Examples would be rock climbing, going shopping, going to the movies, or taking ball room dancing together.


Intellectual Intimacy - 

Intellectual Intimacy is a connection obtained by sharing your thoughts.  Writing poems or journaling and sharing, having deep conversations. 


Spiritual Intimacy - 

Spiritual Intimacy is when you share a spiritual connection. You have common ethics, qualities, and morals.  You may worship together or walk together in nature and feel a spiritual connection. 


Emotional Intimacy - 

Emotional Intimacy is when you are not afraid to be the real you.  You are vulnerable and open up to deeper, authentic feelings verbally and non verbally. 


Sexual Intimacy - 

Sexual Intimacy is when you can explore and share sexuality together.  You can have sex with the lights on, share fantasies, role play, mutual masturbation, and experiment.


Intimacy is a process that takes place over time.  It is a combination of all forms of intimacy.  Once it is stagnant, it can disappear. 






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