Feeling Sexy In Your Mom Bod

May 24, 2017


Do you feel sexy in your mom bod? So one breast may be bigger than the other, you may be sagging in a couple places, and carrying a few extra pounds around, but you are still sexy! Believe me, the other day my daughter (2 years old) grabbed my belly and made a song about it "squish, squish, squish".  She was so happy and proud that she connected her new word with something tangible.  I danced with her as she sang and giggled.  I enjoyed the moment and realized that as we danced, I was also teaching my daughter to love her body, no matter what.


Having a positive self-image affects so many aspects of mommy life, especially when it comes to the bedroom. Whatever you do, do NOT compare yourself to other moms and especially do not compare your post baby body to the "snap back" pictures all over social media.  You just carried around a little human for 40 weeks and now have a needy little human that couldn't care less if you were overweight or "squishy" because your love is enough. When I was nursing, I had more cravings and a larger appetite than when I was pregnant, and I gained a few pounds making sure I could keep my milk supply up.  It was temporary water and hormone weight.  The week I stopped nursing (15 months later), I lost 7lbs...bam!


Don't feel bad to go out and buy some new clothes to fit your few extra pounds.  Feeling good in your clothes is key.  If you are trying to wear your pregnancy clothes, you aren't going to feel too sexy.  Same with squeezing into clothes that are too tight because you don't want to accept that you haven't lost all of your baby weight.  It's ok, embrace your new body and concentrate on being healthy, and you will feel energized and confident.


Set goals you can accomplish.  When you are cleared, take a daily walk with your baby, ask your partner to cover you while you get in a quick cardio session, take 30 minutes for yourself when your baby is napping and get in a quick exercise.  My go to was jumping squats, pushups, planks, mountain climbers, etc.  Anything that got my heart rate up and toned my muscles, AND I could do from home worked for me.  As my daughter got older, I used her as the weight and she loved it.


Plan your meals.  I would put smoothie ingredients in multiple freezer bags and throw it in the freezer.  All I had to do was add milk and yogurt and blend for a minute or so and voila, I had a healthy breakfast that provided my fats, proteins, and nutrients.  When I buy fruits and veggies, I cut them immediately so that I can grab them when I am hungry instead of something unhealthy. 


When you are exercising and eating healthy, you can't help but shred some pounds, gain some lean muscle, and feel sexy and energized.  It is a process, so during the process remind yourself that your body is so powerful and amazing and created an actual living being. Honor it, respect it, love it.  Your stretch marks are beautiful reminders of little feet tapping on your belly .  Embrace it.  Stop with the negative talk.  If it is not something you would want your children to say abut themselves, don't say it. Treat yourself with kindness and compassion.


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